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For many years, Scentura has specialized in the latest trends in popular fragrances for men and women. Its rendition product-line features every popular scent, while continually adding only the latest, proven successes.

Scentura has gone to any length necessary, and has spared no expense to produce the highest quality perfume. As manufacturer and distributor, Scentura enjoys a strong position within the fragrance industry, a $30 billion per year business.

The process of fragrance manufacturing is very exacting, with perfection the single goal. To this end, an international team of the world's most respected suppliers work with Scentura to bring its product to life.

Since Scentura doesn't cut corners in the manufacturing process, how can they market their product at a much lower cost than other designer fragrances?

Scentura saves in many ways. Although its product has been advertised nationally on television and in major magazines, Scentura's promotional and advertising costs are minuscule compared to those of other designers.

And, having established such a strong base of independent distributors, Scentura is able to bypass the high overhead costs of middlemen and department stores. This ultimately means fewer mark-ups on the product's path from production to end-customer.

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Scentura Creations is a leading provider of high-quality fragrance products to Independent Distributors worldwide.
The founder of Scentura Creations is Larry Hahn. Scentura is based out of Atlanta, GA 30341.
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